Scientific Community

Scientific Community

Welcome at the home page of the LIFE scientific community (Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases). The following pages address persons who are interested in obtaining background information on scientific contents a well as on advisory boards, research teams, junior research groups and cooperation partners or on recent publications.

The LIFE research center incorporates about 120 scientists and employees to study the causes of several of the most important civilization diseases such as obesity, allergies, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, pancreatitis, dementia, depression, diabetes mellitus or head and neck tumors. To this end, within the next years LIFE will medically examine of about 26,500 children and adults and interview them regarding their lifestyle. The results will be evaluated epidemiologically and compared to those gained from participating patients groups. Blood and tissue samples of the participants will be stored at -140°C as a scientific heritage for future research projects of the LIFE network and its follow-up projects.

As part of the excellence initiative of the Free State of Saxony LIFE is a large-scale research project of the University of Leipzig, which is coordinated by the Medical Faculty and which cooperates with numerous partners.

  • Probandengesuch LIFE-Child

    Das LIFE-Team möchte Kinder im Alter von 0 bis 18 Jahren und deren Eltern in die LIFE-Child-Studienambulanz einladen. Besuchen Sie uns und melden Sie sich an! [mehr]

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    LIFE-Child "Tag der Offenen Tür"
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    Schulung LIFE Datenportal
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    Digitale Prozesse & Informationssysteme im Forschungsdatenmanagement
    Workshop FDM 2017 im Rahmen der 47. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.
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    Umweltbelastungen in Nabelschnurblut auf der Spur
    Tag der offenen Tür bei LIFE Child am 19. August in Leipzig

    [PM Uni Leipzig]

    Tabak und Alkohol verursachen nicht zwingend Tumor in Kopf-Hals-Region
    [Badische Zeitung

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