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All about LIFE: The Leipzig Research Centre for Civilization Diseases - LIFE - is a major research project of the Universität Leipzig, Germany. 

Eye on Civilization diseases: With looking at the cause and development of widespread common diseases, LIFE, a major health care study offers the opportunity to develop more effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Tracing the causes of civilization diseases: The scientific network is tracking the causes of important widespread diseases such as metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, diabetes, depression, dementia, head and neck-cancer, inflammatory diseases and allergies. Until 2014, 26.500 Leipzig residents - children and adults - will be analyzed clinically and bioanalytically as well as asked about their personal conditions of living. LIFE aims at largely unraveling the interplay between genetic predisposition, metabolism, environment and individual lifestyle at a single location.
The LIFE research network in Leipzig will open up a new dimension of understanding of the different roles of genetic factors, environmental conditions and individual lifestyle in the incidence of widespread diseases. 

LIFE helps to improve the quality of live: As a large scale study LIFE offers the opportunity to learn more about the causes of wide spread civilization diseases and consequently to further explore opportunities for individualized diagnostics and targeted approaches in therapy and prevention. This will ultimately help to improve the healthcare and quality of living in general. LIFE currently is the biggest German research project tackling lifestyle diseases.

  • Probandengesuch LIFE-Child

    Das LIFE-Team möchte Kinder im Alter von 0 bis 18 Jahren und deren Eltern in die LIFE-Child-Studienambulanz einladen. Besuchen Sie uns und melden Sie sich an! [mehr]

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    September 2020
    German Biobank Alliance: Steering Committee trifft sich in Leipzig 
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    1,2 Millionen Euro für die Leipzig Medical Biobank
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    German Biobank Alliance hat drei neue Partner-Biobanken
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    25 Institutsjahre: „Wir sind die Richter der Medizin“ 
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    Vier neue Partner für die German Biobank Alliance
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    Wie entstehen Volkskrankheiten?
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    07. Juni 2018
    Biobankenallianz startet Infokampagne
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    16. Mai 2018
    Elektronische Medien führen zu auffälligem Verhalten bei Vorschulkindern
    [PM Uni Leipzig]

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